Want to buy handmade, bespoke produce made by small ethical producers?

Everything from fresh produce, ferments, preserves, pickles, sauces, pastries, cheeses, smallgoods, meals, body & cleaning products, candles, organic skincare, gifts, stationary and much more.

Support local and look after the environment while you shop!
If you live in Gippsland or Latrobe Valley there is big chance I will deliver to your area for a small delivery fee or if you’re local to me, no cost at all!
Pick up for free at my farmgate in Tarra Valley.
Or let me post your order to you!

*Note – Delivery or pick up ONLY for cold/frozen goods as they cannot be posted.
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Keep your gut flora happy by making your own fermented food and drinks. Your body and mind will love you for it.


We are by nature, hunter-gathers… Get back in tune with the rhythm of the earth and forage the wild foods of your local area.

And make cheese…

Learn the age old craft of cheesemaking. You can make many simple cheeses at home, you just need to know how!

“My kids say I’m like a mad scientist… with brews bubbling away in every part of my kitchen”
“Hanging out in my garden and cooking what I’ve foraged with a wine in my hand… that’s my happy place”

Watch me foraging and cooking with Khanh Ong on Wild Foods on SBS Food